Alesha Courtney Fitness (ACF) is different than any other “gym” you have been to. Want to know why? Of course you do! It’s because I am a clinical nutritionist first, and what people don’t realize is nutrition is 85% of the puzzle piece. Ever hear of that saying “you can’t outrun a bad diet?” Well, it’s true. It all starts with what you put into your mouth. This isn’t your average gym nutrition meal plan. This is customized and a thought out plan for you. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for you. Can I be honest? There is no magic pill or secret. This takes time, but when you are part of ACF you are never doing this alone. 

Okay, enough about the nutrition lets move on to my workouts. I believe in something called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Sounds super intimidating, but it really isn’t. This type of workout is one of the best ways to train for many reasons. Some of them are it builds muscle, burns fat, boosts metabolism, and reduces stress…need I say more?! What is even better is that it only takes 40 minutes. You heard right! Those days of spending hours at the gym are OVER! Modifications can always be made, and this is for any activity level. Just come motivated!

More than just the nutrition and fitness, it’s a community. A community that is supportive and motivating. A community that wants to see you succeed and wants to help you reach your goal. The small group environment makes it more personal and customized. Doing this isn’t always easy, and if it was wouldn’t we all be fit and healthy? We all need that RA RA cheerleader on our side pushing us to keep going. And this is why ACF is unique. 


Hey there, it's me, Alesha

My name is Alesha and I own Alesha Courtney Fitness. I am so excited you found me! I started ACF so I can build a community of women who empower and motivate each other to become fit and healthy! Maybe you are a mom with little ones, or just a woman who is always on the go. Women, so often, put themselves last. My mission is to help you create "you time" to get a sweat in a positive, supportive environment. I am a women's only studio so there is NO judgement or intimidation. ACF is more than just about losing weight. It is about getting healthier and STRONG! You can read more about my journey, but I hope you come try out a class to see how this community can help you reach your goals! 


Changing your lifestyle can be difficult. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. You may think you are alone in your journey, but the good news is you aren't! Listen, I get it and sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to get to your workout class or eat a healthy meal. Want to know one of the secrets? A workout buddy! So not only do you have me right there with you rooting you on, but you have a group of ladies who are working towards goals just like you and wanting that support just like you... so we all work together for our individual goals.

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Workout from Home

Come out and join us at the studio but may you aren't ready to come to class, have kids at home and no one to take care of them, or other obligations that don't allow you to come to class at our times or schedule a personal training session, that is OKAY! Whatever your reasons, those are yours, own it... then find a way to be healthy and fit just the same.

I understand there are obstacles that change the way we can do things so I made up workouts you can do from your very own home or while you are out of town on vacation or staying somewhere else for a period of time! You can do these excuses! They are guaranteed to make you sweat!



Nutrition is Success

Nutrition is 85% of the puzzle piece to your success. You can spend hours working out, but without the right diet in place you will not see the results you are looking for! Good thing I am a nutritionist as well! I take a whole foods approach and only recommend supplements when needed. I believe food can heal, but can also poison. Many of us do not realize what we are putting into our bodies daily! To check out our nutrition programs click below!

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See What People Are Saying About ACF

Alesha is super supportive and always willing to work with me to find the right “prescription” to meet my exercise and health eating goals.
Alesha is excellent at what she does. I’ve done my share of research on nutrition and exercise but her advice is like magic. She is able to evaluate from a holistic approach.
I have tried so many gyms and fitness centers on my journey to well-being. None of them have motivated me to become a better me like Alesha does.
Alesha’s program works. I successfully reduced inflammation, built my strength and learned what foods would contribute to my healthy lifestyle.
I had always been searching for a way to create better eating habits and learning to control my portions. Alesha has completely made this a super easy transition for me! The meal prep is easy to follow and fits perfect into my busy schedule, I now realize the importance of planning out my meals and what a difference it makes in my everyday life. The portions in each meal are the perfect quantities and I don’t ever feel that I over-or-under eat at all, my energy levels have also increased dramatically. Since I do not live close to Alesha’s gym, she also provides me with 3- 30 minute written workouts to complete each week. It feels great to be held accountable for working out and following up with my weekly meal plan, Alesha is always there for you for anything that you need, and always motivates and encourages you to continue on this journey.
There are a few decisions I consider to be the best ones in life, and going to see Alesha for a consultation is my most recent one.
Alesha Lazan is much more than a nutritionist. She is a coach. Under her guidance, I was able to make informed, healthy decisions for myself and my family instead of being given a menu and diet plan.