3 Month Nutrition Program/ 697.00

-       1 initial consult (1 hour)

Consult includes comprehensive assessment, weigh in, and meal plan


-       6 follow up consults (30 min)

Consults include weigh ins, questions, meal plan switch, feedback


-       Comprehensive assessment

Overview of diet, restrictions, supplements, medications, health history and goals


-       6 custom meal plans with shopping list and recipes

Meal plans customized based off your dietary restrictions


-       Food log assessment

Weekly food log assessment helps to stay on track


-       Weigh ins

These will be done at each consult and measures body fat and muscle mass


Monthly Maintenance Program/80.00

-       1 follow up consult per month to assess goals, nutrition, food log and weigh in


Customized Meal Plan/ 25.00

-       One customized M-Su meal plan with recipes and shopping list

**must be used in 3 months


Food Tour and Pantry Clean Out/199.00

-       Food tour at a supermarket to understand what is healthy and what is not healthy. Learn how to label read and what isles to stay away from. Also includes a complete pantry raid of what should be kept and what should be thrown away

**must be used in 3 months



3 1 hour consults/ 480.00

*must be used in 3 months