Jessica Reed
Personal Trainer

My health and fitness journey started when my mom passed away from cancer, I fell into a depression because I realized how much life my mom still had to live! During this time I allowed myself to become overweight and out of shape, it didn’t hit me until I needed to get dressed for my cousins wedding! This was my wake up call and I went to get help! I started working on losing the weight by hitting the gym and watching what I ate. I started to love working out and I would spend 2 to 3 hours a day there. I deeply enjoyed working out but loved even more how I was able to change my body. I knew that with my passion and excitement for exercise anything was possible.I was so amazed that my new life style had changed everything about my life. For the first time I knew that my passion and drive for making exercise fun and rewarding was my super power. I knew that I would be able to inspire and motivate people to reach their goals. I went and got my certification and I am now a certified trainer inspiring, motivating and making differences in people’s lives every day.

Favorite Motivational Quote: Life is what you put into it, get up everyday and live your best life!

Spirit Animal: I was torn between the bear and butterfly

Grateful For: My mom because she was my inspiration to keep living life to the fullest and to never look back