Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fitness class is it? The type of training we do is called HIIT, which is short for High Intensity Interval Training. This type of training is most effective because research has shown that it builds muscle while burning fat. The concept is to raise your heart rate and then lower it, and then do it again. This makes your body work harder to recover and puts you into a fat burning state, which most workouts DO NOT do.

Is HIIT for everyone? It can be! Modifications can always be made and it is for any activity level. Honestly it sounds more intimidating than it is. As long as you are motivated to come, you will get a great workout in!

How long are the classes? 40-45 minutes because research has shown anything more than that you actually start burning muscle, which is something you do not want to do. 

What do I need to bring? Yourself, and wear clothing that is conducive to workout in!

What makes your program than other ones? I am first and foremost a Clinical Nutritionist. I just really enjoy both so I decided to give people the whole package with fitness. I do NOT do general gym nutrition. It is very clinical and specific to you and your body. Whether you are a mom juggling eight million things or a nurse that works crazy hours, I design a meal plan that works for you and your schedule. 

Is this a weight loss program? NO. I do not promote myself as a weight loss program or expert. I truly believe your health is most important. If you are healthy, the weight WILL come off. Health and weight loss go hand in hand. If you are healthy, the weight will come off. It isn't rocket science. A lot of people do crash diets, count calories, points, etc. and this is not a way to live. There is no way I am counting points and calories my whole life. Just being real with you guys. I believe in real food and I take a holistic and clinical approach to food. You need to learn how your body works and how it reacts to food. That is what makes me different, my goal is to get you healthy and help you lose weight as well. Not one or the other. 

Will I be doing this alone? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I am very hands on and I even text message my clients (yes, I am that annoying nutritionist). I check in and make sure you are staying on track. You can even text me pictures of your meals (I love that stuff, no lie). The nutrition component can be more difficult for someone than the workout. If you don't show up for a class, you better believe you will see a text from me...oh, you didn't hear...once you have me in your life, I am not easy to get rid of HA! Bottom line, there is a Facebook group, you will have me and other people to support you. Listen, I am not going to sugar coat this, changing is not an easy thing to do. As they say, if it were easy then everyone would do it. That is what makes you different. You are making this first step to being accountable for your health. Guess what, that is FAB! 

Can I sign up for a class? Yes! Please do. The first class is always free and I would love to meet you. I just want you to experience the ACF way of living. It is a community and we have high energy that will motivate you.