Chefs at Chefs Prep

Alesha Courtney Fitness is super excited to be able to partner with these amazing chefs and their company. This will help you with your fitness and health journey by providing you easy, ready-to-eat, fresh, nutritious, healthy and balanced meals right to your doorstep (or pick up available). This enables you to focus on your family and your work out goals. Check out the process on my Pre-Made Meals page.


Chef Joshua Wiggins

Joshua Wiggins, chef and co-owner of Chefsprep, began his passion for the culinary arts at a young age. Through his love for food he found himself morbidly obese. He explained, “I took my culinary knowledge and combined it with my love for creativity to eat a healthier diet that was still incredibly flavorful.” By eating clean and exercising, he was able to do what he never imagined was possible; he lost over 100 pounds. While attending culinary school, Josh competed in the NJ State Culinary Competition and took home the gold medal two years in a row. He has also competed nationally twice in Louisville, Kentucky, and has appeared on Food Network’s Chopped. His career as a Chef has developed from a range of versatile culinary positions. He has worked banquets, short order, fine dining, and farm-to-table. He wants to share his love for food, art, and fitness with the rest of the world.

“I want to show people the amazing difference you can feel mentally and physically from a clean, healthy diet. I changed my life around. Let me be a part of changing yours!”


Chef Wendy Escobedo

Wendolynne Escobedo, chef and co-owner of Chefsprep, began her restaurant career at the age of 15, starting out as a busser and server. She realized her passion for cooking and quickly moved into the kitchen. She decided to get her Culinary Arts Degree at Brookdale Community College. While in school, she competed on a state and national level. During this time, she began her cooking career in Asbury Park, NJ with a focus on farm-to-table cuisine and local farm sustainability. She opened a farm-to-table cafe with a hydroponic greenhouse in 2014, which furthered her desire to explore urban farming. Currently, Wendy’s emphasis is on supporting locally-grown foods and high-quality seasonal menus, prepared fresh with unprocessed ingredients for healthy and nutritious meals.

“I believe that wellness begins with what we put in our bodies!”