The term HIIT has been very buzzy and popular in recent years… but does anyone actually know what it stands for? Short for High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT is the type of workouts used here at Alesha Courtney Fitness. Not only is this the type of workout I practice myself while at the gym, but it is also proven to be the most effective for fat loss and increasing muscle. Let’s dive into the top 5 reasons why you should be incorporating this into your weekly workout routine:



1.     Burn Fat - As I previously mentioned, this method is most effective for fat loss. Read: fat loss, not weight loss. When you’re losing pounds on the scale, you want to ensure that the number is moving because of fat being burned off, and not water or muscle loss. HIIT helps you to burn fat while keeping muscle tone, which leads me to the next point…


2.     Build Muscle - HIIT workouts bring you into a fat burning heart rate, which helps to lose weight without losing muscle. Workouts are designed to focus on muscle movements quickly in order to get the heart rate up. The strength training allows for muscle to be built by use of bodyweight or actual weights. As you progress in your workouts, you can easily add heavier weights to continue to build muscle.


3.     Cardiovascular Strength - Typically weight training is done stationary or at a slower pace in order to focus on the muscles being used. HIIT incorporates both so that you don’t have to endure long rounds of cardio at a time. Gone are the days where you spend an hour weight lifting and an hour of running on a treadmill at the gym. Now the workouts can be combined by adding multifaceted movements incorporating both cardio & weights!


4.     Modifications Available - These workouts are cardio based with the use of bodyweight movements and weight lifting, therefore multiple types of modifications are available. If you’re new to working out, you can start by choosing a lighter weight, or no weights at all. Bodyweight movements can always be modified by use of lowering knees or using a bench/wall. Cardio can easily be modified by slowing down the movements for beginners, or intensified for an experienced athlete.


5.     Faster Results - These workouts are a new take on strength training, build for maximum efficiency. Cardio + Weights done safely with modifications allows for you to burn fat while still building muscle. Therefore, anyone can see results quickly. If you have a higher body fat content your body will be burning more while starting to build muscle. If you already have lean muscle, this workout helps to build more while keeping fat off. The best thing is that these workouts are typically 45 minutes – or less!


HIIT is a new term being used regarding a type of workout that incorporates cardio and strength training. Using body weight movements, weight lifting, and bursts of cardio makes this type of workout intense enough to create results, yet fast enough to not take up your entire afternoon. Stop in to ACF today and try out your first HIIT class for free to see for yourself!

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