New Year’s is now upon us, and with a new year comes a new resolution for us to keep. What is it about the calendar changing from December to January that makes us feel the need to change or resolve to change? If we dive deeper into what it’s really about – it’s a time of the year when we can set goals and really bring ourselves to focus in on them to make them stick.  A resolution is actually just a large goal that we set in order to accomplish what we truly want in life. So this year, instead of one giant resolution, why don’t you just make goals?



In 2019, I challenge to you find a way to make your “resolutions” stick and work for you by setting them up into smaller goals and keeping yourself accountable! Here are 5 ways you can stick to your goals this year, and not wait until 2020 to re-make your resolutions when this year’s fail.


1.     Goals, Not Resolutions - Take your resolution and chop it up into smaller goals that you can reassess monthly. If your goal is to get healthy, what does that actually mean? Be more specific and chop it up into months or quarters. Perhaps being healthy is incorporating more vegetables into your diet, or attending more workout classes. Whatever your resolution is, find actionable tasks to work on each month and stay on task. This way you can reassess your resolution each month, and tailor the goals to make it work.

2.     Connect to Your Goal – Don’t make a resolution or a goal just because it’s what other people do, or a popular one to set. Connect to why you’re making this goal.  Let’s go back to our original example, to be healthy. Are you working on being healthier to keep up with your children? Do you just want to feel better and have more energy? Tap into the reason why you made this resolution or goal in the first place, so that on the days it feels hard to get to the gym (or whatever other task you’ve set) you can remind yourself of how important it is to you and keep you focused!

3.     Accountability Partner – Bring a friend or family member in on your goal! Tell your support system about what you’re hoping to accomplish, and WHY you’re working on it. On days that you’re having a hard time reconnecting to your reason for setting these goals, reach out to your friend or family member. Telling other people about it will get you excited and remind you that this goal was made for a reason. Plus, when you really do need a good reminder your friends will be there to help you out!

4.     Measure Them – How will you know if you’re on track to meet your goals, if you don’t have a way to measure them? When it comes to getting healthier, connect to it, and think about what it means for you. If you’re getting healthier so you can keep up with your kids, see if after running around with them all day tires you out less than usual. Maybe you’re even tiring them out before you ever get tired! If it’s eating more vegetables or getting to more workout classes, keep track of what you eat in a food log and see how you’ve done, or write your workouts in your calendar and reflect on how many days you were able to get there and workout! This way when you reflect back on your month you can celebrate what you’ve done!

5.     Reward Yourself – One surefire way to get your goals to work out is to create something that will make it stick, like a treat or reward once completed. When you’ve reached your goal of getting healthier, maybe you treat yourself to a massage or a getaway! It can be anything that means something to you, as long as it’s not contradicting your goal. To get healthy, your goal should not be to eat 3 cupcakes! Keep it in line with your goals, but make it celebratory, AKA something you would not normally do or splurge on. After you celebrate, reassess and start again! Keep going on a new goal, or refine it to make it go even further.


With this system in place, you won’t be looking into your New Year’s Day with the same tired old resolutions that never stick until the end of the year. By 2020, you will have crushed your goals and be ready to tackle a whole new year and new goals!

Download your goal sheet to make sure you stay focused!

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