Once you commit to a workout routine, staying committed is easy when it is incorporated into your everyday life. If you have a consistent work schedule each week you can easily plan when your workouts will best fit into each day. Being consistent is only effortless when the routine does not change. So what happens when you’re not in your normal surroundings or you have a week that is not typical? Let’s dive into five tips for working out while traveling.



1.     Plan Ahead – The reason for travel can dictate a lot about how you can schedule time to workout, but you can still prepare. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can still look up information about your hotel to see if there is a gym onsite. This makes training effortless – plan your schedule for the vacation and build in your workouts just as you would when you’re home. Fail to plan, plan to fail!

2.     Keep it Simple – Working out while on vacation may seem a little overkill, because you are there to relax, but also you may find that you don’t need to workout as often because you’re outdoors more or walking more (trips to Disney for example!) Also, remember why you started working out in the first place – to feel good! Why wouldn’t you want to feel good while traveling? In addition to moving your body to stay healthy and active, you’ll also feel better about eating whatever you want. Vacation is a time to splurge (within reason) and having some of your normal routine is better than none.

3.     Explore – Being in a new environment is more than just being lazy and relaxing the whole time. Most vacations involve sight seeing and exploring a place you’ve never seen before, some of which can be incorporated into your fitness routine. Beach vacation? Swim or surf! Mountain side getaway? Try hiking, or skiing, depending on the time of year. Stay active while you explore and make it fun!

4.     Live Like a Local – Take advantage of your new surroundings and check out a local workout class! You can inquire at your hotel or scour the internet for a class, and you may find the perfect alternative to your normal routine. Not only do you get to experience working out as a local, but it’s one less thing you need to prepare. Show up to the class, get your workout in, and head back to your hotel, no workout plans needed!

5.     Hotel Workouts – If you’re in a remote area, have no hotel gym, or are in a time crunch, check out the home workouts section of my page! You can get a HIIT workout done in your hotel room just using your bodyweight and you won’t have to worry about timing. Each workout is customizable to your desired length by either doubling the cardio section, or just get some 6 minute abs in! Again, it’s less about recreating your EXACT routine, and more about just making time to sweat!


All of these tips connect back to the bigger picture – this is a lifestyle. When you pack your suitcase, you pack your goals and motivation along with you. Keep that in mind when you feel like it’s a struggle to get up and stay active while away. It’s just as hard to stay motivated when it’s 5 am Monday morning, but you don’t quit do you?!


I’ll always be here to support you on your journey! Drop a comment below for any other tips you have to stay focused on fitness while you travel!