Okay so I am going to tell you things that may contradict what you have been doing. Can I tell you something? Stop focusing on the scale number! First off, you don't know what that number means. Is it fat? muscle? water? Most people do not have a scale that measures all 3. When you start working out you are bound to gain muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat and the number might stay the same, but your fat went down...so who cares, right?


The scale can be detrimental to your success because it's not an accurate tool of health. A few things to consider before stepping onto the scale everyday:

1) how do your clothes fit? if your clothes are loose that means you are doing something right. If they are too tight it means you clearly need to switch it up.

2) how do you feel? if you are feeling sluggish and tired that is a clear indicator of something is wrong. It could be something you are eating. Start food logging to keep yourself more accountable.

3) are you bloated? bloating can mean so many different things. One of the most common reasons is your body is unhappy with something you ate and it is trying to digest and get rid of it. If you suspect it's something you are eating, try an elimination diet.

4) how is your digestion? poor digestion and bowl movements can make you gain weight. Having poor bathroom habits can affect the number on the scale. Why? because if you have an out of whack digestive system, then your body is more likely to hold on to fat and water. This can make it difficult to lose weight.

5) hormone check: if you feel like your hormones aren't in sync then you are probably right. Out of whack hormones can make you gain weight. High cortisol levels also play a role in this. If you have a menstrual cycle that is not consistent or you have extremely bad periods, this may be due to hormone imbalances. Checking for things like PCOS is important. 

Bottom line is there are so many reasons that number is not changing. If you constantly focus on the number and are not seeing results then something else is going on. It may be time to dig deeper and to the real cause. The scale doesn't determine ones health and well being. Check in with your body and see how you feel and look before jumping on the scale. I am not saying never to weigh yourself, it definitely holds you accountable, but to put all your eggs into that basket is not something i recommend. 

If you do not have a scale that breaks it down for you, take measurements instead. You can find out how to take measurements by searching on Youtube. 

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Alesha Lazan