Green Tea Matcha, you have probably heard of it. It has amazing health benefits and has as much caffeine as coffee. The difference? Matcha is healthier and does not dehydrate you or give you the jitters like coffee does. Health benefits of Matcha:

- lowers cholesterol and blood sugars

- packed with antioxidants 

- calms the mind 

- detoxifies the body in a healthy way 

- enhances mood 

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You can make a Matcha drink using almond milk. I love to do one scoop of Matcha with some ice and add almond milk to it. Tastes so good! 

Collagen is another amazing supplement to add to your regimen. Collagen is found in your body, but as we age we start to lose it. Collagen makes up everything from hair to skin to nails. Health benefits of collagen:

- improves skin, hair and nails

- reduces joint pain

- helps to heal leaky gut

- boosts metabolism 

- improves liver health 

If you aren't using these two things you should definitely try them out! Both can enhance what you are already doing. Instead of drinking coffee, try Matcha! My go to product has both Matcha and collagen in it. I use it almost everyday. https://amzn.to/2Ldec8s

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Alesha Lazan