Mom life can have you struggling to keep the family healthy. You find yourself on the go, maybe at drive-thrus, taking one kid to soccer, one kid to dance etc. It can be a struggle to get dinner on the table. I have put together some meal tip hacks to help you make eating healthy easier for you and your family.

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1)   plan your meals out in advance: either a week, two weeks or a month. If your meals are planned out you will know exactly what to buy and what you are making. Planning this takes the guesswork out and is a HUGE time saver.

2)   leftovers: always make sure your recipes have enough for two meals. Leftovers means less time in the kitchen, less time cooking and more time to spend elsewhere.

3)   30 minutes or less: stick to recipes that are 30 minutes or less to make. You aren’t going to be spending hours cooking one meal. Invest in a crockpot and plan out certain days for crockpot recipes.

4)   frozen veggies are your best friend: there is nothing wrong with frozen vegetables and usually they are chopped and diced for you. This can be way easier for you then chopping all of the vegetables needed to make a meal.

5)   batchcook: it may take longer at first, but then you are done for a while. You will be able to freeze a bunch of go to meals.

Alesha Lazan