Have yourself a Healthy Holiday!

Two words we never associate with each other: healthy & the holiday season.  I’ve said this before on a Facebook live video right before Thanksgiving, but I wanted to break it down even further for the remainder of the “holiday season.”

We have been conditioned to believe that we deserve 3 months of celebrating and neglecting our bodies as a method of enjoying the holiday season. “Treat yourself” won’t feel great on January 1st after you’ve been binging since that first piece of Halloween candy in October. I’m not saying don’t indulge, but I AM saying don’t throw your goals out the window.

Here are my 10 top tips to stay health minded during this season of indulging and stress:

  1. Drink water! Yes, all of those fancy holiday lattes are delicious, but you should not be drinking more of that than good old H2O. Nothing adds on excess water weight more than dehydration -- so while you’re shopping, make sure you’re sipping!

  2. Limit the screen. TV & phone time can be much higher this time of year with online shopping and holiday movies. Don’t get too comfortable on the couch, either scrolling your news feed or binging Hallmark movies. Not only will you feel like a zombie from the extra screen time you are not used to, but your body will feel stiff from sitting too long. Get up and stretch during commercials… or walk to the kitchen for more water :-)

  3. Get some shut eye. With the extra parties and movie-thons going on, make sure your bedtime isn’t too much later than normal. After daylight savings time your body is more inclined to want to sleep earlier and wake later, so keep this in mind while you plan your nights. Have fun and enjoy yourself but be mindful of multiple late nights. Aiming for 7-8 hours does wonders on keeping pounds off, and spirits high.

  4. Avoid the all or nothing diets. You know who you are, you feast or famine party goers, who will eat nothing but water and celery until 7pm when you show up to your friend’s Christmas party, and then eat all of the chips. Don’t skip meals! Breakfast is still the best way to start your day. The more “normal” your routine stays, the easier it is to stay on track. Is the 10th cookie ever really worth it?

  5. Practice mindful eating. Going off my last tip, do you really even like your aunt’s cookies? Maybe they’re your favorite, but perhaps you don’t really care for them. Don’t waste calories just because it’s within eyesight. If you know it won’t satisfy you, chances are it will only leave you feeling worse.

  6. Keep up your self care routine. Do you get a monthly massage? Great, make sure to pencil that in. Weekly at home facial? Don’t quit just because it’s December. At home mani pedi? Maybe treat yourself for one in a spa! Yes the holiday season is about giving, but don’t forget to give to your #1 first, YOU!

  7. Check out a new fitness class. Seeing all those great deals in stores? They are usually happening in gyms too. I personally offered a special for black friday, and I know most gyms and fitness studios do because this time of year is often very slow. If you’re local, stop by to ACF, but if you’re not -- see what is nearby and chances are you’ll be getting a great deal on a class you may have always wanted to try!

  8. Friendsgiving doesn’t always have to be about food… Are your friends active? Go for a hike! Want to try something new with the girls? Book a semi private yoga class! Sure you can still open that bottle of rosé afterwards, but why not incorporate fitness into your fun first?

  9. Keep it simple. If you really are stressed and super busy, work out for just 15 minutes. It may not be your ideal situation, but it is something. Any movement is better than none, and I guarantee you’ll feel amazing afterwards and will have more energy throughout the day.

  10. Tis the season… to be grateful. Let’s remember what the holidays are REALLY all about. Love, family, friends, and celebrating with each other. Enjoy the time with the people you care about the most. Make memories to share forever. You won’t remember that second piece of cake, but you will remember the moments by the fire with your nearest and dearest.

Here’s wishing you a happy healthy holiday season, with a prosperous and “powherful” New Year!

Love, Alesha Courtney

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