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The word balance has been getting a lot of attention lately.  How do we achieve a perfectly balanced life? Honestly, I’m still working on that myself! What I do know is that balance is achieved by focusing on your priorities.

Priorities are constantly changing and evolving in life based on what is most important during that year, month, week, or day.  One week you may be focusing more on work, another it’s family, or another it can be your gym routine. It can be such a struggle to juggle work / life / health every single day, let alone find some relaxation time for yourself!

Let’s break it down further: each day is different and we’re faced with different choices to make.  I personally am an extreme person which makes finding balance an even bigger challenge.  This may sound obvious—but I’m a trainer because I LOVE working out! I used to work out 6-7 days a week, which I have now reduced to 5- -- this was huge for me in achieving balance.

You may not feel this way specifically about working out, but I am sure there’s something you never want a day off from. What is that one thing for you? Maybe it’s your job, your family, a perfect book, or your favorite spa. You love it so much that you never think you need a break, but you also know that not taking a break causes burn out.

The extra two days off I took from the gym now gives me time to make appointments for massage, acupuncture, chiropractic visits, meditation, and other forms of wellness. I may not spend as much time there as I would at the gym, but even if you take a break from your day to day routine to make time for yourself for five minutes, its five more minutes than you’ve ever had before.

I think the key to true balance is just remembering to put yourself first and do what you need. We cannot always be everywhere all of the time, so remember to take those breaks and give yourself time. Even if you love your job, your workout routine, or whatever your specific passion is – make that same time in your schedule for you and find the balance in your life.

What does balance mean to you? How have you implemented steps to find more balance in your life? Leave me a comment below!






Alesha Lazan