Almost everyone wants to be healthy and fit, which is why they hire a trainer! Once they come to me to learn about nutrition and working out, they’re hooked. Being and staying healthy feels great, but most people think it requires a lot of time. If you’ve taken one of my HIIT classes, you already know that it is easy to get a great workout without spending and hour or more in the gym. So how do you keep your diet healthy during all the times in between; while at work, on the go, or home with your family? The answer is simple – Plan Ahead!

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I know, so many of you are already thinking that this is impossible. There’s no way I can carve more time out of my schedule to cook healthy foods. But think about what is going to cost more of your time, eating fast food on the go and slowly deteriorating your health and needing more and more medicines and doctor visits to come back to your health … or spending an extra hour or two a week meal prepping?


Think about this for a minute. Most of you moms out there are already spending so much time in the kitchen. What about shifting the way you cook and making it easy for yourself? Take two days a week. All you need is an hour or two each day to prepare a few side dishes. Cut up vegetables and fruit, make potatoes or rice, all the things that may take a lot of time to do all at once. During the week you may need to incorporate some protein for dinner by cooking chicken or fish, but the rest of the work is already done. Grab thin slices of chicken breast, add pre-cut veggies, light oil and coconut aminos, and you’ve got a healthy easy stir fry you can add over your precooked rice.


This same exact though process works for breakfast and lunch as well! Leftovers make a perfect pack ahead lunch which saves you time and money having to dine out during your work day. For breakfast you can make overnight oats that “cook” overnight requiring one or two minutes of prep, or you could use those precut veggies to make a quick omelet, depending on how your morning looks. Hard boiled eggs, fruit and nuts, or a packet of yogurt are other great last minute options that are literally grab and go – from your own refrigerator!


Now that you have your meals planned out, you can grab them and go. All of these foods can be prepared ahead of time in containers to take with you on the go, so you never have to resort to fast food, unhealthy alternatives!


Remember, fail to plan and plan to fail! Share your healthy meal prepping ideas below!




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