Changing your lifestyle can be difficult. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. You may think you are alone in your journey, but the good news is you aren't! Listen, I get it and sometimes it's hard to motivate yourself to get to your workout class or eat a healthy meal. Want to know one of the secrets? A workout buddy! 

partner workout.jpg


Think back...back to hunter gatherer days...they traveled in packs. We are humans and sometimes we need a "wolf pack" to keep us going! 

ask a friend: ask a friend to do this with you. You can both motivate each other to stay on track. You both can plan workouts together and hold each other accountable when eating. 

meetup: have you ever heard of meetup.com? It's a thing. You find other people just like you! This may be a good resource to finding some people in the area.

go to a class: get your butt to a class at a gym or studio. This is a GREAT way to meet other people who have the same goal as you! 

It's important to find a workout partner if you find yourself unmotivated to make these changes alone. This could be the one key to your success! 

Alesha Lazan