It's not a gym...it's a lifestyle. Alesha Courtney Fitness (ACF) is different than any other “gym” you have been to. Want to know why? Of course you do! It’s because I am a clinical nutritionist first, and what people don’t realize is nutrition is 85% of the puzzle piece. Ever hear of that saying “you can’t outrun a bad diet?” Well, it’s true. It all starts with what you put into your mouth. This isn’t your average gym nutrition meal plan. This is customized and a thought out plan for you. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for you. Can I be honest? There is no magic pill or secret. This takes time, but when you are part of ACF you are never doing this alone. 

Okay, enough about the nutrition lets move on to my workouts. I believe in something called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Sounds super intimidating, but it really isn’t. This type of workout is one of the best ways to train for many reasons. Some of them are it builds muscle, burns fat, boosts metabolism, and reduces stress…need I say more?! What is even better is that it only takes 40 minutes. You heard right! Those days of spending hours at the gym are OVER! Modifications can always be made, and this is for any activity level. Just come motivated!

More than just the nutrition and fitness, it’s a community. A community that is supportive and motivating. A community that wants to see you succeed and wants to help you reach your goal. The small group environment makes it more personal and customized. Doing this isn’t always easy, and if it was wouldn’t we all be fit and healthy? We all need that RA RA cheerleader on our side pushing us to keep going. And this is why ACF is unique. 


Alesha Lazan