Okay, so lets face it…who loves to meal prep? I am pretty sure nobody does! Even though I am a nutritionist it doesn’t mean I love cooking and meal prepping all of the time. I am definitely about that easy meal prep life. People always ask me for meal prep ideas and tips. I can say the way I meal prep is simple with no bells and whistles. Remember this is for the person who just needs food for the week and likes to keep things simple.

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1)   Plan your proteins: what are you going to eat at each meal? Are you an egg, chicken, fish kind of person? Or would you rather eat eggs, turkey, and chicken? For me, I am an egg, chicken, fish gal. I know I need eggs, chicken and fish for the whole week. I literally buy this stuff in BULK. I buy a pack of chicken breasts, a pack of salmon and a dozen eggs.

2)   Plan your vegetables: stay simple. Don’t go crazy and have 18 different vegetables. I usually just do romaine, asparagus, peppers, string beans and broccoli. This still gives me variety and I enjoy them at each meal. Just make sure you don’t go crazy and then end up throwing out food at the end of the week.

3)   Plan your sides: when I add a carbohydrate to my meal, it’s almost ALWAYS sweet potato. It’s easy to pre cook and it’s the perfect starch to add because it’s low in sugar and low glycemic. I also love to add some avocado to my meals!

4)   Plan your snacks: think about each day and what kind of snacks you want. Apple and almond butter? Kind bar? Protein shake? Almonds? You better have all of these ready to go!

5)   Time to prep: I throw all of my chicken into a big Ziploc with marinade (I use Steve’s Paleo BBQ). I will do this on a Saturday, that way they are ready to go for Sunday! I personally love to chop up my sweet potato into cubes and drizzle EVOO on them. I chop all of my vegetables and throw them into separate containers. My fish stays frozen and I take out the night before. I put my oven to 375 degrees and put my sweet potato and already marinated chicken in. I personally never use a timer, which is bad, because I have definitely forgotten about my food…once or twice! Keep checking and maybe set a timer

6)   Once all done, I scoop my sweet potatoes into a container and then I weigh out my chicken to 4oz. I put them into little Ziplocs. I don’t like to pre cook my vegetables for the week, but that is just personal preference. If you don’t mind, then it may be easier for you to also throw all the vegetables in to be cooked.

7)   By the end you have already cooked chicken, sweet potato, chopped up vegetables, and your snacks ready to go!


 I don’t know where I would be without meal prep (a little dramatic, I know), but it really helps me stay on track every single day. I know exactly what I am eating. Hope these little meal prep tips helped you! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for more tips and recipes!

Alesha Lazan