Let's face it, sometimes it's hard to be motivated to get to the gym. It's cold, it's dark out, you had a long day and you are tired. It happens to the best of us. I am here to tell you, it's okay to feel that way because it's normal. What you cannot do is allow it to interfere with your workouts. There are many ways to stay motivated! 

med ball 1.png

1) grab a friend: working out alone when you aren't motivated is difficult, but with a friend it's way more fun! During these winter months, find a buddy who will motivate you and vice versa. Make up workouts to do together (partner workouts) and get excited! 

2) hire a trainer: some months may be more difficult than others to motivate yourself. A trainer's job is to motivate you! If you find a good trainer, they won't allow you to use those excuses to get out of your workout. When you know you have an appointment with someone, it's harder to cancel. 

3) make a playlist: I am so about that music life! If I don't have a good playlist to workout to, forget it, my vibe is done. My favorite app is Spotify because they literally have EVERYTHING! Make a playlist of all your favorite songs, put some headphones in and kill your workout! 

4) take classes: instead of going to the gym alone and working out, take a class. There are SO many options now. It may be a good idea to invest in a class package or monthly membership. You will have other people there just like you motivated to workout! 

5) small goals: when you have no direction or goal you are working toward, it can be hard to stay focused. Make small goals every week and get excited to reach them! Maybe blog about them to get others excited. 

Hope these tips help, and you can fit them into your daily life. Remember, you aren't alone and you just need to find ways or other people to keep you going. 

Alesha Lazan