So, I gave up coffee a while ago. I didn't like the way it made me feel and in general there are definitely healthier options out there. I never needed it for energy, just loved the taste of coffee. I discovered matcha as I was doing some research. What is matcha? It's finely ground green tea leaves. There are many health benefits related to green tea matcha:

1) boosts metabolism 

2) enhances mood and concentration 

3) lowers cholesterol and blood sugars 

and many more. 


Sounds amazing, right? Well it is! It still has caffeine in it, but without the jitters and spike to your cortisol. As a nutritionist and trainer, it's my job to always give healthier options to clients. You can also make it with almond milk or just water. 

I use http://amzn.to/2n6nlEY (I am not an affiliate in any way for this brand) it has no added sugars, just real matcha! 

I also JUST tried Pop & Bottle and WOW! So good! There are different ways to enjoy matcha, just need to find your match (HA)! 

pop and bottle.jpg



Alesha Lazan