Holiday season is upon us and this is when everyone decides to throw their health out the window. Remember, the holidays last for ONE night. Yes, it is called holiday season, but you should not be binging for a whole season (am I right?) Pick and choose your battles. Here are 5 tips to keep you moving during the holidays:

1)   ROUTINE: Getting to the gym in the morning might be best that way you have it done with and can have the day free to do other things. Especially during holiday season, you can get caught up in different things and forget to workout. Make it a point everyday to get at least 30 minutes done in the morning.

2)   FIND A BUDDY: Having someone to do this with is always more motivating. If you have a trainer or a friend let them know you want to stay on track during the holidays. This will help keep you both accountable and make it that much easier.

3)   SWAP A DESSERT: Make a yummy dessert that is clean and bring it to the party! This is the best way to stay healthier at different events and parties. Knowing you have something there to eat that is satisfying, yet still on your plan.

4)   SET GOALS: Try a new workout a week to keep you motivated and excited. Also keep your workouts short and sweet. The holidays can cause chaos, which means time is limited. 20-30 minutes of a Tabata or HIIT workout is perfect!

5)   FILL UP ON PROTEIN AND FIBER: Before going to a party, make sure you eat a healthy well-balanced meal. This will keep you satisfied and make you less likely to binge on the unhealthy treats.

Staying healthy and fit during the holidays is definitely doable, but having the right mindset is important. If you go in holiday season saying whatever I will just start in the New Year, then this plan may not work for you. Really commit yourself to this and stick to it as much as possible. Trust me, when it’s all over and done with you will thank me when you haven’t gained a pound!

Alesha Lazan