Even though ABs are made in the kitchen, you should still work them! A strong core is important to prevent back issues and injuries. Ideally, ABs should be worked 3x per week. There are a lot of different exercises you can do to strengthen them, but here are my favorite ones! 

1) Planks: personally, I think planks are the best because you really need to hold your body weight. There are also many different variations for planks so you don't get bored! 

always make sure your butt is down 

always make sure your butt is down 

2) Leg Raises: these work your lower core, which is super neglected. Many people forget that lower core and only focus on the upper/mid part. These take a lot of core strength, The lower you can get with your legs, the harder they are. 

leg raise 1.JPG
leg raise two.JPG

3) V-Ups: these target upper abdominals and are way better than doing a crunch. 

vup .JPG
vup 2.JPG

Best part about these workouts is they can be done anywhere. Start off by doing 3 rounds of 15 each and then work your way up. Planks can be started at 15-20 seconds and time can be added each week. Your ABs will definitly love/hate you! 

Alesha Lazan