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Alesha Courtney
MS/CHHC/Personal Trainer

Owner of Alesha Courtney Fitness

Hi! I am a Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer who takes a holistic approach to wellness. After suffering most of my life with different ailments, I discovered the healing power of foods. What people don’t realize is that healing takes time and there is not a quick fix to health. So much of the media makes it seem as though health happens over night, but that is simply not the case. Food allergies, leaky gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and bloating took over most of my life since childhood. Doctors could not figure out what was wrong with me and just wanted to write a prescription to help with my anxiety. After college, I found a Clinical Nutritionist who helped me realize I had severe allergies to gluten and dairy. After cutting those foods out, I immediately felt a difference in my body but I was still not out of the woods. All those years of eating the wrong foods, taking NSAIDs, Antibiotics, etc. left my gastrointestinal tract literally a “hot mess.” I had to repair the damage and that was no picnic. I was frustrated at times, but realized my body was on my side and it was only trying to heal. The support I had was one of the most important aspects of my healing. Support is crucial because doing this alone is very difficult. This is why I am here for you, to support you through your healing journey. Today, I practice holistic health and do not take any medications or OTC drugs. My personal journey helped me find my passion and calling. I help people like you who cannot find answers somewhere else. You, who desperately wants to become healthy and feel better. I want to guide you on that path. Health is not a luxury, it is a lifestyle. You deserve to feel good and I can help you get there!

Not only do I believe in food, but I believe in fitness as well. I think the two go hand in hand. Fitness is a crucial part of building a healthy lifestyle. I have always loved working out, mainly because I like the way it made me feel. I get that not everyone loves to exercise, but this is where I can help! I help motivate you to do your best in each session. Be ready to sweat! (YES, sweat is a good thing!) Most people need that accountability, motivation and support. This is what ACF is all about! You will become part of something bigger than you. This is a community of people who are there to help you achieve your goals. So, I have one question for you….what are you waiting for?

Favorite Motivational Quote: Progress, not Perfection

Spirit Animal: Hawk

Grateful For: My health because without it, nothing else matters